Adorabeezle Winterpop
Adorabeezle Winterpop
is a character within the game Sugar Rush. Her candy theme revolves around ice pops and peppermints, and her signature kart is the Ice Rocket. On the online adaptation of Sugar Rush, she and Rancis Fluggerbutter are unlocked by completing the third track Frosty Rally.


Adorabeezle Winterpop: Sweet Skiing

"Adorabeezle Winterpop is the prettiest, happiest, most amiable ice champion of all time. She's a racing and skiing fanatic who loves exploring new tracks hidden on the sugar-covered slopes of Sugar Rush."


Adorabeezle Winterpop is a young girl with very pale skin, rosy cheeks and lips, thin blue eyes, and dark cobalt hair pulled back in a plaited braid. She wears a navy blue jacket with white, fluffy trim on top of a blue shirt with white stars and red stripes, a blue skirt with light blue polka dots, and navy leggings. She also wears a winter flap hat and matching boots that are decorated with the same trim.

Names in other Languages (Fanon and Original)/Gallery

Language Name Meaning
French Crèemeaux Fouttan From "créme fouettée" (whipped cream)


Adorabera Wintāpoppu

From English name
Brazilian Portuguese Adorantilly Inverulito

From "chantilly" (whipped cream) and "Inverulito" is a official translation of "Winterpop"

Russian Лединна Сахарвата From "Лед" (ice or cold) and "cахарная вата" (cotton candy)


Sokäärikarkku Käärkkinnen

From "sokerikakku" (sponge cake) and "karkki (candy)


好吃扑拰 冰夰乐

Hào chī pū nǐn bīng gǎo lè

From "好吃" (yummy) and "冰" (ice or icy)

Language Name Meaning
French Barbará Pappas From "barbe á papa" (cotton candy)


Adorabīzuru Wintāpoppu

From English name
Brazilian Portuguese Adora Pirulitéia

From "pirulito" (lollipop)

Russian Сладорулетта ля Бисквит From "Сладость" (sweetness), "Рулет" (roll), and "Бисквит" (sponge cake)


Смачуань Льодянчі

From "Смачній" (yummy) and "Льодяній" (icy) or "Льодяник" (lolipop)

Dutch Droppelette Sneeuwlolly From "Droplet" that's don't have meaning and "Sneeuwlolly" (snowlollipop)